Red, White & Blueberry crumble @ The Village Grind

I hope everyone out there had a safe and amazing Fourth of July weekend.  I had the privilege of spending my long weekend among the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, AZ all the while enjoying in the breathtaking views that their mountains and scenery have to offer.   I thought this would also be a great opportunity to do another amazing blog post from one of the most popular tourist locations in the country.  I started my journey this morning from my front door just off Route 89A in West Sedona at 530am.  I wanted to cycle while the sun was coming up so I could get the best photos and video I possibly could for my viewers.  I’ll let you all be the judge but I think I got some pretty good shots!  I think one of the nicest things about my trip today was the 71 degree temperature upon departing.  Talk about perfect riding conditions.  I knew there wasn’t going to be a huge selection of breakfast options open at this hour and my chances of finding a place with a spicy speciality were going to be slim to none.  After I made peace with that fact I set out to find an amazing coffee shop or breakfast bar along my cycling adventure. Continue reading

A chicken boneyard on my plate @ Wings Express

I want to start off my post today by letting you all know I in no way, shape or form consider myself to be a negative Nancy or Debbie downer type person.  I like to surround myself with happy people, carry a great energy about me and keep a pretty positive outlook on life.  You know, the glass is always half full kind of shit.  Today however I was singing a different tune.  Today, I felt like taking that half full glass, throwing it on the pavement and smashing it into a million pieces.  Yea, it was one of those days.  It had been miserably hot the entire week and of course I picked the hottest day out of the seven, 112 degrees and humid, to do my food blog.  I also had million and one things to get done today, all of which I figured were destined to fail and I knew it was going to take 30+ mile ride to accomplish my tasks.  Needless to say there were only two words to describe my mood before departing this morning; piss poor!  What I didn’t know though was how great my day would actually end up being.  All because of a little positivity, some can do attitude and some fiercely fiery wings at the dining destination I ended up eating at. Continue reading

Quite the Carne Asada concoction @ Backyard Taco

After taking about five days off from cycling last week due to an illness, I got back on my bike today to bring you a new adventure and a new valley eatery.  The R&R was much-needed and I’m feeling 110% better this week and ready to ride.  Not sure how ready I was this afternoon though after stepping out of class and seeing the ol thermo-meter reading a 119 degree temperature.  The things I do out here for my readers, risking life and limb, so you have new places to chow down.  You’re welcome!  After leaving class and slamming a refreshing pre-ride 20oz water I was wheels down and ready to find my next dining destination. Continue reading

Delicious raw fish @ Sekai Sushi

My post comes a bit delayed this week due to an illness I have procured from my wonderful germ factory of a son.  I feel as though I have contracted a virus so bad that the CDC would deem it necessary to be quarantined and the Air Force operatives would consider it to be a DEFCON 5 status, so my apologies on the tardiness of my posting.  Before I fell ill I was able to get out for a 27 mile ride on Wednesday and found a wonderful little sushi joint on my way back home located on the northeast corner of Gilbert rd and Southern in Mesa.  As I was riding North on Gilbert I spotted an A-frame advertisement out by the road for a $5.95 sushi lunch special.  Now if you’re a true sushi lover and you see a sign for a lunch special that cheap, you don’t really care whether it’s good or bad sushi, you just HAVE to try it out. So onward I continued to Sakai Sushi. Continue reading

CAUTION! Spicy wings ahead @ Boulders on Southern

It was a hot one along my 23 mile journey around Mesa, AZ today.  Luckily my lengthy, sweat riddled trip was broken up by a two-hour communications class at school.  I welcomed the break as temperatures would be soaring well above 105 degrees for the afternoon leg of my cycling journey.  Freakin Arizona summers. After class I was on the road again and at about mile 16 it seemed as though nothing but dry dust and desperation were excreting from my over heated pores.  Sufficed it to say I was in dire straights for some hydration and mastication of a good afternoon meal.  Enter, street left, Boulders on Southern.  Now this particular place wasn’t the norm for what I usually look for when doing a blog post.  It’s a bigger establishment, it doesn’t scream ‘locally owned’ and it’s not small businessesq. But I saw the sign and was captivated when I read their slogan; Ride, Climb, Eat, Drink. Continue reading

First meal of the day @ Iowa Cafe

I started my expedition this morning not only early but without breakfast as well.  I had a lot to get done today and what seemed like not enough time to do it.  Funny how that works as you get older.  With 9 miles of pavement under my tires and a completed doctors appointment, the first leg of my cycling journey was complete.  As the ten o’clock hour approached, my famishedness (see Urban Dictionary) grew with each passing minute and I knew it was time to re-fuel.  My tummy was still grumbling for some of those first meal of the day favorites – eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, pancakes or waffles. The combination made no difference to me, I just needed to find my breakfast destination and now. Continue reading

Pullin pork @ Waldos BBQ

Along my 17-mile journey around Mesa, AZ today I was craving mass amounts of tenderized meat stacked a mile high.  I needed it quick, fast and in a hurry.  After 10 miles, about a gallon of perspiration and a failed attempt at the G and G Lounge (see YouTube video), I had found my destination, Waldo’s BBQ on Main St and Greenfield Rd.  I hadn’t even unsnapped my helmet yet and the young hostess, Ashley, was out the front door and greeting me with a smile.  The establishment didn’t have a bike rack and she noticed I was having trouble finding a place to lock up so she came outside and offered me to bring my cycle indoors while I ate.  Talk about service.  I gladly accepted and in we went.  This is the exact place I was hoping for small, friendly, locally owned and sawdust on the floor.IMG_0217  With the inside having an open design concept they offered tables with chairs and booths for seating and although they serve alcohol (beer, wine and the hard stuff) there was no bar.  Being a dad one of the first things I also look for is if the place is child friendly with highchairs and/or booster seats.  Waldo’s has both.
Continue reading

Why the AZ Spicy Cycler??

Hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my new food blog.  I wanted to write a short introductory post for all of you reading this so you know what direction I’m heading in with it.  To begin, this is simply a hobby of mine and I am in no way a writer, journalist, professional blogger or anything of the sort.  This is just something I enjoy doing to help support and promote small, local restaurants around the valley while trying new foods and getting some exercise at the same time.  So much revenue from small business is regenerated back into our society yet they are often overlooked when sitting next to a corporate giant or a “trendy” hot spot.  It is my goal to help bring some of these smaller eateries to your attention and the attention of others in the area I’m cycling through. In hopes that my positive exposure will bring them more business and you will find a new local place to eat with great food!!!  Along with their great food, I want to show you spice enthusiasts what their signature spicy dish/sauce/rub/glaze or whatever it may be is that they have to offer.  I hope those of you who do read this blog will actually go out and try some of these places I’ve reviewed and let me, along with the restaurants, know what you think. Even if they’re terrible 😦  I will be posting new blogs at least once a week, sometimes 2-3 depending on how much I cycle and how much time I have.  Please keep coming back for new weekly updates.

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